Kiefel has launched the cutting-edge Speedformer KMD 78.2 Premium, the latest of its steel rule cutting machines for polymer thermoformed packaging. 

Steel rule cutting is a precise fabrication technique that involves shaping a steel blade and pressing it into materials using a die board.

Widely utilised in packaging and textiles, this method allows mass production without altering material composition, ensuring consistency.

The process demands optimal force to fracture and separate materials, avoiding issues like inconsistent edges.

While rigid materials may fracture prematurely, semi-rigid ones, like plastic, can achieve high consistency and repeatability, resulting in uniformly cut materials without warping.

Kiefel says its Speedformer KMD series machines excel in mass production and are versatile across food and non-food sectors, accommodating materials like PET, PP, PS, PLA, and PE.

The latest solution from Kiefel, launched at a strong price-performance ratio, marks an increase in efficiency compared to its predecessor, the KMD 78.1 Premium.

High performance and efficiency

Armin Dietrich, global director of the polymer packaging division at Kiefel, highlighted the KMD 78.2 Premium’s improved performance capabilities and emphasised its ability to facilitate swift and seamless tool changes. 

This innovation streamlines film switching between production runs, boosting machine utilisation and, according to customers, positioning this machine as best-in-class in the market.

Increasing output with new technology

Maintaining the same forming area as its predecessor, the KMD 78.2 Premium stands out with a larger vacuum and forming air system, accompanied by more powerful servo drives.

This enhancement translates to higher cutting forces and speeds, enabling up to 45 cycles per minute and significantly increasing production output. 

Key benefits include proven performance, precise process control and higher-quality products.

Pick&Place inline stacking and easy maintenance

The KMD 78.2 Premium offers enhanced production speed with an updated “Pick&Place” inline stacking system.

Customers can opt for a dual stacking system with the tip-stacker and easy-to-handle down-stacker, providing flexibility tailored to diverse production requirements.

The machine’s user-friendly interface and large touchscreen ensure convenient operation, while intelligent lubrication and additional diagnostics simplify maintenance.

The first live demonstration of the Speedformer KMD 78.2 Premium took place during one of the Packaging Dialogue Days conferences held at Kiefel’s headquarters in Freilassing, Germany, attracting a global audience of customers, experts and suppliers. 

This machine sets a new standard in polymer thermoformed packaging production, offering a blend of speed, precision, and adaptability that is reshaping the industry landscape.