Global open innovation company SOSA has partnered with Brazilian packaging paper producer and exporter Klabin to encourage sustainability innovation in the paper industry.

The partnership will be facilitated through SOSA’s collaboration with Brazil’s National Confederation of Industry (CNI).

Through the CNI, SOSA will launch a four-month corporate challenge programme to help identify, define and tackle the sustainability challenges faced by Klabin in Brazil and Latin America.

During the programme, Klabin’s cross-functional business units will benefit from open innovation activities and access to global advanced technology companies and systems.

The business units will develop proofs of concept (PoCs) for their sustainability solutions as part of strategic partnerships.

SOSA CEO Uzi Scheffer said: “Advancing a circular bioeconomy is an irrefutable necessity.

“Working with Klabin represents an opportunity for us to make use of innovative processes with a leader who spearheads sustainable initiatives within the packaging industry.”

Companies chosen for the programme will be given the chance to conduct industrial level PoCs of their solutions and potentially support Klabin’s sustainability efforts.

Based in São Paulo, Klabin offers solutions in hardwood, softwood and fluff pulp, as well as corrugated board packaging and industrial bags.

Last month, the company committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions for each tonne of pulp paper and packaging produced. It aims to reduce these by 25% by 2025 and by 49% by 2035.

In 2019, Klabin contracted Finnish company Pöyry to develop a balance of plant for the first phase of the PUMA II project.

The PUMA II project involved installing two kraftliner paper machines with integrated pulp production at Klabin’s Ortigueira facility. The machines were expected to increase the company’s annual paper production by 920,000t.