Swedish producer of cartonboard and paper Korsnäs has announced the launch of its new lightweight cartonboard for UK retailer Marks & Spencer’s (M&S) Carrot & Walnut and Lemon Drizzle cakes.

The 100% recyclable Korsnäs Artisan saves about 20g on the overall weight of the board and helps M&S to reduce its carbon footprint.

M&S packaging manager Anne Harding said the new cartonboard packaging helps its Plan A commitment to reduce the amount of packaging used.

The multilayered cartonboard, made from 100% virgin fibre, has a light-coated top surface and an uncoated reverse side and serves as an ideal packaging material for luxury products such as cosmetics, perfume, confectionery and celebration foods.

The board is composed of long, resilient fibres that provide a robust packaging material, and the smooth and silky exterior offers good printing properties.

Korsnäs Artisan is approved for direct contact with food and meets the strictest hygiene requirements, Korsnäs said.