Kraken Automation is making strides in automated manufacturing technology, impacting the global packaging and food industries. The company offers a range of automated solutions that are becoming increasingly integrated into the packaging processes of common household products.

Recent analyses indicate that Kraken’s automated systems outperform conventional alternatives by delivering 30% more uptime [time in operation].

This boost in performance and reliability is of particular benefit to businesses looking to enhance production levels while minimising operational downtime, a persistent challenge in the contemporary industrial landscape.

Efficiency and reliability in food and packaging

The food and packaging sectors require higher throughput and cost-effective operations. Kraken Automation addresses these demands by providing streamlined, efficient and highly reliable solutions.

Their systems feature modern servo technology, which reduces maintenance requirements by having minimal mechanical components.

Kraken Automation’s engineering team, led by owner Bill Grant, brings more than two decades of experience in bag-in-box production lines and cartoner infeed and transfer systems [systems which can deliver bags rapidly, then transfer bagged products in single or twin pack modes].

Kraken’s conveyor systems are recognised for their high-speed performance and dependable operation. Their use of modern servo technology reduces maintenance needs and hence maintenance downtime – essential for meeting the growing demands of the packaging and food industries.