As the packaging industry gathers at Drupa 2024 in Düsseldorf, Germany, Landa Digital Printing is set to demonstrate its latest innovation, the W11 Nanographic printing capabilities.

This new digital printing solution aims to improve flexible packaging by offering advanced print quality and sustainable manufacturing processes.

Landa’s exhibition includes a range of packaging solutions developed in collaboration with the Plastopil Group, featuring fully recyclable monomaterial films.

Advancements in monomaterial packaging

Landa’s booth at Drupa features two key products designed to push the boundaries of sustainable packaging. The first is a monomaterial polyethylene (PE) pouch, designed for packaging dry goods such as nuts and sweets.

This pouch, developed with technology from Karlville Swiss and materials from Polysack and MOR Industries, offers significant environmental benefits.

It is crafted entirely from recyclable materials, uses less plastic without compromising on protective qualities, and supports a circular economy with its full recyclability through conventional PE streams.

The second product is a packaging solution for chilled foods, using monomaterial polypropylene.

This includes a bottom web and a lidded top, both designed to maintain the freshness and safety of food items such as sliced meats and cheeses.

The packaging is not only recyclable but also microwave-safe and capable of withstanding sterilisation temperatures up to 95°C.

Focus on sustainability and performance

All of the lamination processes showcased at Drupa by Landa and Plastopil are performed without the use of solvents, highlighting a commitment to environmentally friendly production methods.

The exhibited solutions are compatible with standard packaging machinery and emphasise reduced plastic use while maintaining high performance and durability.

This showcase at Drupa 2024 highlights not just Landa’s technological innovations but also the collaborative efforts with Plastopil and other industry leaders such as Polysack and MOR Industries to promote sustainable solutions within the packaging sector.

As the industry moves towards more sustainable practices, these innovations at Drupa offer a glimpse into the future of flexible packaging.