biohybrid bags

LifeCycle Products has selected Australian renewable packaging products manufacturer Cardia Bioplastics to deliver $65,000 worth of compostable bag and waste management products for the company.

Cardia’s GreeneBag biohybrid sacks offer a sustainable replacement of conventional polyethylene. Made with renewable materials, the sacks provide a lower carbon footprint and contain no heavy metals.

LifeCycle believes that Cardia uses better quality materials in the making of its certified compostable products, particularly in the bags and bin liner sector for food waste. It will be the first UK firm to offer products based on Cardia Biohybrid resin technology as an alternative to conventional 100% petro-based materials.

LifeCycle Products managing director Mark Sommers said that the use of bioplastics as waste management products by retailers and consumers in the UK has great capacity for growth.

"The technical performance and environmental integrity of our products is paramount and at the core of our business. Cardia Bioplastics’ technology exceeds the high standards we’ve set," he added.

Cardia Bioplastics managing director Dr Frank Glatz said that the UK would be the profitable market to develop a new distribution channel with LifeCycle.

"Both our fully certified Cardia Compostable bags and waste management products as well as our proprietary Biohybrid technology is ideal for the UK market and we look forward to working with LifeCycle Products to capture market share," Glatz added.

Image: Cardia will initially deliver $65,000 worth of compostable products to LifeCycle. Photo: courtesy of Cardia Bioplastics Limited.