Goods shipping service provider Liviri has introduced a new wine shipping solution that helps to eliminate single-use packaging.

Named Liviri Vino, the new packaging is a protective, reusable and insulated box with precision padding.

The box is available in four and six-bottle configurations and can be used for other shipments such as craft beer bombers that are temperature-sensitive.

The easy-to-use packaging has reusable coolant inserts and insulation, which maintains a stable temperature inside the box.

Liviri global business development senior vice-president Brian Jacoby said: “Shipping wine is a time-sensitive, logistical nightmare due to the considerations involved in sending it across hot and cold climates throughout the year.

“Liviri Vino takes seasonality out of the wine business, allowing wineries to ship at any time of the year and eliminate weather holds. And Vino is more than a delivery box. It is enabling a shift in thinking for an entire industry.”

The company has collaborated with FedEx Packaging Lab to maintain the durability standards.

FedEx helps to improve asset management of customer inventory by providing visibility on all inbound and outbound shipments.

Liviri has partnered with US wine aggregator Eagle Rock Fulfillment. The two companies have conducted a pilot programme for the packaging last year.

Vino is reusable for up to two years and is 95% recyclable after service.

Eagle Rock Fulfillment owner and president Bill Myers said: “With Liviri Vino, we can drastically minimise weather holds, if not completely eliminate them. This would allow us to maintain a similar shipping volume year-round.”

In April 2019, Liviri launched Liviri Fresh reusable shipping container for meal kits and perishables.