Cosmetics firm L’Oréal has signed a partnership agreement with French biotech Carbios to develop new bio-recycling technology to address plastic pollution.

As part of the collaboration, which is open to companies from any other sectors looking to develop new plastic bio-recycling solutions, a new five-year consortium that will work on Carbios’enzymatic bio-recycling process for plastics will be formed.

The consortium aims to bring the bio-recycling technology to market on an industrial scale.

“This consortium will also help boost the circular economy.”

Carbios’ bio-recycling technology is capable of breaking polymers down to the basic components, monomers, which can be separated and purified and then used again to create virgin plastic.

L’Oréal packaging and development vice-president Philippe Thuvien said: “L’Oréal has been committed to an ambitious sustainable packaging programme for several years now. We currently use up to 100% recycled plastic for several different products.

“We’ve decided to go even further: with this innovative Carbios technology, L’Oréal is helping to make bio-recycling available on an industrial scale.

“It’s a wonderful opportunity to protect the environment, and this consortium will also help boost the circular economy.”

On completion, L’Oréal and other consortium manufacturers will be first to make use of Carbios’ technology.

The firm intends to use the bio-plastic during the packaging design phase.

In June, Carbios and TechnipFMC launched a partnership for the industrial development of the former’s PET enzymatic recycling process to produce virgin PET from plastic waste.