deborah milano

Italian cosmetics brand Deborah Milano has appointed Lumson for the packaging of its new foundation Comfort Mat.

Lumson has designed a 30ml glass bottle from the ‘Collezione Aida’ and provides the packaging for three different kinds of make-up in the Comfort Mat range. The bottle is made up of frozen glass, which allows consumers to see through and select their desired foundation tone.

On top of the bottle, is a refined pump and over-cap, designed to fit the shape of the rest of the container. The pump is dark brown in colour and closed with a clear over-cap. All bottles feature the Deborah Milano logo.

The glass bottle, the pump, over-cap, are part of Lumson’s standard cosmetic packaging offering and have all been designed, developed and manufactured by Lumson.

The company is a leading Italian company in the cosmetic packaging industry since 1975.


Caption: Lumson designed a 30ml glass bottle for Deborah Milano’s new foundation range. Image courtesy of Deborah Milano