LyondellBasell and MSI Technology have confirmed an agreement to broaden their collaboration.

The focus of this partnership is on incorporating MSI Technology into the consumer packaging applications of LyondellBasell’s polybutene-1 (PB-1) resin line in North America.

Additionally, MSI Technology serves as the sales representative for LyondellBasell’s Plexar product line.

Strategic expansion in consumer packaging markets

The extension of the collaboration is deemed strategically aligned with the current markets served by MSI Technology.

The company plans to leverage its technical sales approach alongside its existing speciality product portfolio to enhance its offerings to customers in the consumer packaging sector.

LyondellBasell’s PB-1 resins are widely utilised in consumer packaging applications, particularly in the creation of easy-open packaging and film modification for seal initiation temperature.

The key attributes of these resins include a broad seal-peel temperature range, consistent and reproducible peel performance, adjustable peel force according to end-use requirements, similar initiation and propagation peel force, ‘whitening’ with a ‘smooth and clean’ peel surface, good seal integrity, and easy processability.

Industry perspectives on the collaboration

Expressing enthusiasm about the collaboration, Palmer Giddings, vice-president of Polymers at LyondellBasell, highlighted the company’s commitment to creating sustainable solutions for everyday living.

He stated that collaborating with MSI Technology on innovative packaging solutions is a significant stride towards achieving that goal.

Brian McCaghy, president of MSI Technology, also shared his excitement about expanding the collaboration with LyondellBasell. He noted that the PB-1 resins align seamlessly with the company’s mission to provide speciality polymers and solutions to the packaging industry.