Transpaco has reached an agreement to acquire Future Packaging and Machinery Group from majority selling stakeholders.

Both based in South Africa, Transpaco manufactures, recycles and distributes paper and plastic packaging products, whereas Future Packaging and Machinery Group is an industrial and general packaging products supplier.

The purchase consideration for the acquisition is expected to be R105m ($7.99m), which represents a premium of R37.2m ($$2.83m) to the target company book value of the net assets being acquired.

“The acquisition is expected to help Crown expand and diversify its customer base and increase cash flow.”

The transaction is planned to be funded through Transpaco’s existing facilities and cash. It is expected to benefit the acquirer company to expand its product offerings and distribution facilities, and further strengthen its scalable business model.

Bunzl has completed the acquisition of Lightning Packaging, an industrial packaging products supplier based in the UK.

The acquirer company is a distribution and outsourcing group with global presence.

The financial details of the transaction have not been disclosed.

Crown Holdings has reached an agreement with The Carlyle Group L.P to purchase Signode Industrial Group Holdings (Bermuda) from the latter.

Based in the US, the acquirer manufactures packaging products for consumer marketing companies, while Bermuda provides transit packaging systems and solutions.

The selling company is a private equity firm based in the US.

The purchase consideration for the transaction is $3.91bn, which will be paid in cash.

The acquisition is expected to help Crown expand and diversify its customer base and increase cash flow by adding premier transit and protective packaging franchises portfolio to its metal packaging business.

German packaging machines manufacturer A+F Automation + Fördertechnik has been acquired by CGS, an independent investment adviser.

The acquisition was made from Mutares, which originally acquired the target company from Oystar Group in November 2014.

A+F’s machines are used in diverse industries such as dairy, food, beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and others.