Masterpress, a European provider of printed decorative packaging solutions, has expanded its research and development (R&D) lab located in Białystok, Poland.

As part of this expansion, the company has integrated a dedicated full-scale printing press exclusively for R&D purposes, aiming to advance innovation within the shrink sleeve and self-adhesive label industry.

The newly integrated printing press is designed to be a versatile tool for R&D activities across various product groups.

This press allows Masterpress to experiment with different printing techniques on a scale that replicates actual production, offering flexibility without disrupting regular production schedules.

The primary objective is to streamline new product development processes and reduce time to market.

“The R&D press enhances our agility and effectiveness as a development partner for our customers,” said Katarzyna Wasilewska, R&D manager at Masterpress. “It enables us to swiftly test new inks or materials and translate creative visions into tangible product samples.”

Masterpress’ decade-long focus on R&D

Masterpress has consistently invested in its R&D laboratory in Białystok for more than a decade.

In addition to the new printing press, the facility is equipped with advanced tools for precise testing of substrate strength, slip, and friction.

The laboratory also enables simulation testing of product resistance to various environmental factors such as temperature and light.

“This expansion aligns with Masterpress’ long-term growth strategy, aiming to contribute to sustainable development within the label industry,” noted Jeroen de Haan, general manager of Masterpress.

“The goal is to provide ‘good-for-recycling’ solutions and drive positive change in the market.”