Meijer, a well-known Midwest retailer, has become the first retailer in the US to offer Earthbound Farm organic mini-peeled carrots in compostable packaging.

These eco-friendly bags are supplied by Bolthouse Farms, marking a significant step in Meijer’s commitment to providing more sustainable packaging options to its customers.

Meijer’s director of produce Ron Lovelace explained that the company’s partnership with Bolthouse Farms underscores their dedication to sustainable packaging.

He stated: “The decisions we make today impact the world we live in, which is why we’re committed to continual improvement through smart partnerships and innovations that benefit our customers and communities.”

Lovelace made it clear that Meijer has been actively encouraging its suppliers to develop sustainable packaging options, with a promise to collaborate when such solutions become available.

The Earthbound Farm Organic Mini Peeled Carrots in Bolthouse Farms’ compostable bags are now available in all Meijer stores across the Midwest. These bags are constructed from 100% renewable sources, including canola and soy.

They are certified as home compostable by TUV, a globally recognised leader in sustainable packaging. Furthermore, these bags are certified to biodegrade at least 90% within 26 weeks and 100% within 52 weeks in a backyard compost heap or bin.

A shared vision for sustainability

Bolthouse Farms marketing director Karen White emphasised the long-standing partnership between Bolthouse Farms and Meijer in their pursuit of innovation and sustainability.

She said: “Together, we’re turning the page to a greener future, celebrating our shared aspirations for sustainable produce packaging and an exciting journey for our beloved carrot.”

Meijer’s ongoing focus on sustainability

Meijer has a track record of integrating environmental initiatives into its daily operations, with a focus on making packaging more sustainable.

In 2018, Meijer set a goal to include How2Recycle labels on 100% of its True Goodness by Meijer products and the company successfully achieved this goal in early 2023, with labels on approximately 500 products storewide.

The retailer is also actively working on making its Meijer brand packaging 100% recyclable, reusable, or compostable.

Meijer is encouraging its suppliers to enhance the recyclability of their own packaging, demonstrating their commitment to environmentally responsible practices.