US-based technology solutions company Metrofuser has introduced a new packaging system, ProPack, for its printer parts line.

ProPack features a retail box enabling the company to transition from its brown box to a single, common identity for its aftermarket businesses. It is claimed to protect printer parts post-sale and reduce damage to products in transit.

As part of its extensive rebranding strategy, the company conducted extensive research with its global customer base. It also worked with packing engineers to develop the new packaging solution in an effort to convey and extend its brand quality.

Metrofuser tested different boxes and label options with customers across North and South America before finalising ProPack.

Metrofuser co-president Will DeMuth said: “The new packaging is clean, fresh and modern. It reflects the new brand identity and product quality. ProPack will protect blind drop shipping resellers, as well as protecting our parts.

“Optimising shelf space and reducing waste makes for a more customer-friendly solution.”

“We know that quality is important, so we have invested in a new design for protection during transport and storage.

“We also know that every square inch on our customer’s shelves counts, so we are improving the size and orientation of our boxes too. Optimising shelf space and reducing waste makes for a more customer-friendly solution.”

The company will implement the ProPack solution across its products, including the laser printer fuser, transfer belts, paper trays, optional paper feeders, maintenance kits and printers.

Metrofuser provides printer parts, equipment, diagnostics, repair information and systems solutions for professional users.

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