Metsä Board, a leader in packaging innovation, has launched micro-flute gift packaging as a sustainable option for traditional rigid boxes. 

Developed at Metsä Board’s Excellence Centre in Äänekoski, Finland, the design offers a lighter yet robust solution for premium products such as cosmetics, aiming to reduce material usage and environmental impact.

Targeting performance

The journey to this alternative began years ago at Metsä Board’s Excellence Centre. 

Packaging services director Ilkka Harju expressed the team’s goal to create a lighter, environmentally friendly box without compromising strength. 

The solution emerged in the form of a micro-flute, boasting a smaller flute size than traditional corrugated boards. 

The packaging comprises a micro-flute base and lid, offering printing flexibility with options such as an uncoated or coated white kraftliner.

Production efficiency

Designed for production efficiency, the micro-flute solution seamlessly integrates into existing production lines, requiring no significant retooling. 

Harju highlights its suitability for mass production in several applications, including for products such as chocolate and beverages, but stated: “Cosmetics are probably the number one application area.”

He notes that while cosmetics stand out as a primary application, the material easily adapts to unique packaging solutions.

Weight and carbon reduction

Metsä Board’s Sustainability Services team compared the micro-flute solution to recycled fibre-based rigid boxes, revealing a 50% reduction in weight. 

Harju emphasises that the lightweight design contributes to customers achieving carbon reduction targets.

The cradle-to-gate carbon footprint analysis further confirms its environmental superiority, with a 59% lower footprint compared to traditional solutions.