Mitsu Chem Plast, a certified polymer based moulded products manufacturer, has announced the launch of MiEcoPET, a new sustainable packaging solution.  

The product is designed to reduce waste, conserve resources, and cut costs without compromising on strength or durability. 

According to Mitsu, MiEcoPET leverages 30-50% less raw material compared to traditional HDPE containers and integrates 30-60% recycled PET material.  

MiEcoPET stands out for its exceptional barrier properties, which ensure product integrity during storage and transportation.  

The stackable design of these containers also serves to optimise space and lower logistical costs.  

The range of MiEcoPET products includes containers of different sizes, such as the 10 and 20-litre options, as well as the PET-IN-BOX concept, which allows for custom shapes and sizes.  

This versatility makes MiEcoPET suitable for packaging needs in industries like lube oil, edible oil, beverages, food, and FMCG, offering an eco-friendly alternative without compromising on functionality. 

Mitsu Chem Plast chairman Jagdish Dedhia said: “We are excited to unveil MiEcoPET as an eco-conscious packaging solution, catering to the diverse requirements of our clientele while championing sustainability and innovative practices. Our pride stems from offering a product that not only meets consumer needs but also fosters environmental conservation. 

“The introduction of MiEcoPET will not only enhance our brand reputation as a sustainability leader but also position us favourably in the market by appealing to environmentally conscious consumers.  

“Additionally, embracing sustainable practices can lead to long-term cost savings through efficient resource utilisation and reduced environmental impact, further bolstering our company’s bottom line.”