Sustainability-focused cosmetic retailer MOB Beauty has revealed plans to launch a collection of fully compostable beauty packaging by 2024.

MOB developed the NewPurpose collection in partnership with beauty packaging suppliers Albea, Golden Arrow and Montrose-Haeuser, alongside Pela, the creator of kitchen appliance Lomi.

The collection will feature the company’s signature refillable Lip Capsule and Compact in a sleek design made from fully compostable moulded fibre, which is a combination of natural Bamboo and Bagasse.

In addition, the packaging contains entirely post-consumer recycled (PCR) cardboard coated in a protective spray known as Verdecoat, which is used to enhance durability and water resistance.

It also uses Flaxstic, a plant-based bio-plastic comprising flax shive and corn and wheat starches.

MOB said the NewPurpose collection was developed over a period of three years.

From 1 July, the company will include preliminary samples of the NewPurpose Lip Capsules and Compacts with every order placed on its website.

MOB co-founder and CEO Victor Casale said: “MOB took on compostable packaging knowing what we were up against.

“From design to functionality, we held ourselves to the highest standards – hundreds of development hours, testing many iterations and costly tooling. 

“This level of investment in both time and money for a young brand in today’s fast-to-market environment is unheard of, but we’re Earth-First and we mean it.” 

Last year, MOB partnered with RePurpose to launch the first series of its Earth First packaging system, which included refillable Capsules, Compacts and Palettes.

The packaging for these products is made with at least 50% PCR mono-material polyethylene terephthalate (PET) or polypropylene (PP), while their outer packaging features 100% PCR materials.

MOB Beauty aims to provide ‘pro-quality makeup and innovative, Earth-friendly packaging’.

The company is a founding partner of Pact, a non-profit collective of beauty brands, retailers and suppliers that was launched last year.