Mondi Coatings and Consumer Packaging, a producer of extrusion coated and laminated consumer packaging materials, has launched a new paper-based bag that has the same high-barrier features as plastic bags.

The hermetically closed pinch bottom bag is made up of a kraft paper carrier layer, which is either laminated with an ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH)-based film or extrusion laminated with aluminium.

The bag, suitable for pet food and feed industries, offers barrier features comparable to plastic bags and can reduce the use of preservatives within the pet food formulation.

Mondi claims the bag prolongs the shelf life of products and retains the taste and flavours of the packed products for an extended period of time.

It offers the natural look and feel of paper-based packaging, and provides an oxygen barrier and high grease resistance due to its thermo-sealed bottom and corners.

The laminate and the hermetically closed bottom and corners make the bag the ideal solution for safe deliveries in hot, humid countries.

According to Mondi, the bag has the capacity to stand current testing for grease resistance of up to 20% fats and mechanical properties, common for big sacks of up to 20kg.

It has been designed to withstand most critical ambient conditions in terms of temperature and humidity, and the hotmelt used in the sealing of the barrier ply fin provides the protection typically provided by plastic bags.

Customers can choose from various bag designs including normal or semi-extensible kraft paper as external ply or, in even more sophisticated solutions, clay coated greaseproof paper laminated with PET or PE.