Mondi Grünburg has partnered with NKE, a manufacturer of bearings for wind, railway and industrial applications.

The collaboration aims to develop a packaging solution that ensures the safe transport of NKE’s premium-class rolling bearings.

NKE, known for its high-quality bearings distributed in more than 80 countries, faced a growing problem in the wind farm market in the US.

Their premium Hybrid bearings, valued at thousands of euros and weighing more than 20kg, consist of inner and outer rings made of high-quality steel and ceramic balls.

The challenge was that transportation damage often went unnoticed until installation, causing costly delays in wind energy production.

Swift collaboration yields innovative packaging

Recognising the urgency of the situation, Mondi Grünburg, typically known for its packaging solutions in the FMCG and food and beverage industries, swiftly embarked on a mission to design a packaging solution.

In just three weeks, they created an innovative packaging design that incorporates one-way shock sensors to provide real-time feedback on the bearing’s condition upon arrival.

Mondi Grünburg’s expertise applied to heavy-duty sector

What sets this packaging solution apart is the speed at which it was developed and the infusion of Mondi Grünburg’s expertise in packaging design.

Leveraging their experience in creating visually appealing and intelligent packaging, the design includes offset-printed boxes with additional flexo prints on the inside.

These prints offer clear usage instructions, eliminating the need for accompanying documents and simplifying handling. This innovation ensures optimal protection for NKE’s bearings during transport, preventing damage.

The packaging design has undergone rigorous testing and certification at Mondi’s lab, certified by The International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) to ensure suitability and protection within specific supply chains.