Global packaging and paper manufacturer Mondi has developed new sustainable packaging for Norwegian branded consumer goods company Orkla.

Both partners worked closely to create three packaging products for Orkla’s new Frankful range of vegan, climate-smart taco products.

The packaging solutions are for the Swedish launch of Frankful plant-based Tex Mex range of soft tortilla wraps, tortilla crisps and climate-smart taco spices.

Mondi EcoSolutions project manager Thomas Kahl said: “Our aim is to work closely with our valued partners through our customer-centric approach, EcoSolutions, in order to create sustainable packaging that works for the products, the customer and the environment.

“The challenge with Frankful was to find a solution that would ensure recyclable packaging materials while offering the required functionalities such as barrier protection, and still run on the existing machines at full speed.”

Developed using a collaborative approach, the packaging solutions aim to attract customer’s attention on the retailer’s shelf and support Orkla’s sustainability agenda.

Mondi’s three packaging solutions are BarrierPack Recyclable, paper-based laminate and metal-free high-barrier laminate.

The BarrierPack Recyclable for Frankful’s Original soft tortillas features a high-barrier, lightweight mono-material with a reclose tape.

The paper-based laminate has been used to pack Frankful’s Taco spice mix developed from FSC certified paper and a film produced using renewable resources.

Additionally, Frankful’s Tortilla crisps are packaged in Mondi’s metal-free high-barrier laminate.

Orkla Foods Sweden marketing manager Åsa Gisel said: “As a market-leading consumer goods company distributing across the Nordic region, we are committed to meeting the UN’s sustainable development goals – and as responsible sourcing is a key point in our strategy, Mondi has provided invaluable support to create improved sustainable packaging.”