Mondi, a leading sustainable packaging and paper company, has received the Fastmarkets PPI Product Innovation Award for its Advantage StretchWrap solution.

This innovative paper-based solution replaces traditional plastic stretch wrap used to secure pallets during transport.

The Fastmarkets PPI Awards recognise excellence in the pulp and paper industry. Mondi’s win highlights its commitment to developing sustainable alternatives to conventional packaging materials.

The award ceremony for the Fastmarkets PPI Awards was held on 5 March 2024 in Istanbul, Turkey.

Advantage StretchWrap: eco-friendly and effective

Mondi’s Advantage StretchWrap is made from responsibly sourced, recyclable kraft paper and boasts puncture-proof and breathable qualities to ensure durability. 

Advantage StretchWrap is designed to be both environmentally friendly and functionally effective.

An independent life cycle assessment (LCA) revealed that Advantage StretchWrap also boasts a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to plastic stretch film.

Compared to virgin plastic stretch wrap, it offers a 62% reduction in emissions, as well as a 49% reduction when compared to plastic film with 50% recycled content.

Recognition for sustainable innovation

“Winning the Fastmarkets PPI Product Innovation Award for the second year in a row reflects the hard work and innovation our team has put into creating sustainable packaging solutions,” said Bartosz Babicz, product manager for Advantage StretchWrap at Mondi.

“It shows that our efforts to develop a more sustainable alternative to plastic wrap are making a difference. We’re proud of our work and motivated to keep innovating.”

In December 2023, European paper bag manufacturer Sentrex chose to adopt Mondi’s Advantage StretchWrap to replace traditional plastic stretch film.