Mondi has teamed up with rice supplier Veetee to introduce paper-based packaging for dry rice in the UK.

This marks the first instance in the UK where a paper-based packaging solution has been created specifically for dry rice, aligning with consumer demands for more sustainable packaging options.

Veetee’s latest rice packaging employs Mondi’s FunctionalBarrier Paper, a material known for its ability to provide secure and robust packaging, offering an alternative to the commonly used plastic packaging in the industry.

This development is notable for its role as the first paper-based packaging solution of its kind in the UK, targeting dry rice products.

Tailored solution with sustainability in mind

Mondi’s approach centres on assessing the needs of the product, the customer and the consumer to create packaging solutions that are fit for purpose.

This approach aims to incorporate sustainable materials such as paper whenever possible while still considering the practicality of plastic.

For Veetee, Mondi managed the entire process, including sourcing certified renewable materials, producing certified kraft paper, adding barrier functionality and printing the packaging.

The final paper-based reels were then delivered to Veetee for conversion and filling.

The collaborative effort between Mondi and Veetee involved meticulous testing to ensure that the packaging effectively protected the contents from moisture and maintained a long shelf life.

The goal was to provide a customised solution while supporting Veetee’s mission to reduce plastic usage and enhance packaging recyclability.

Advancing a circular economy

The paper-based packaging introduced in this collaboration has received certification from OPRL (On-Pack Recycling Label), indicating its wide acceptance for kerbside recycling in the UK.

This certification simplifies the disposal process for end-users and promotes a circular economy by encouraging recycling.

The printability of Mondi’s FunctionalBarrier Paper enables Veetee to convey disposal instructions on the packaging, allowing retailers to clearly promote their brand and products on store shelves.

This partnership highlights the industry’s growing dedication to sustainable packaging solutions, providing consumers with more eco-friendly options while reducing the environmental impact of packaging materials.