European EDA (electronic design automation) company Monozukuri is presenting the first-commercially available fully integrated IC/Package co-design EDA platform.

Named as Genio, the “environment-agnostic end-to-end” solution is being offered to enable 2D/2.5D/3D system designs.

The platform integration will help develop a complete optimisation of co-design and I/O of complicated multi-chip designs.

According to Monozukuri, Hiper is the underlying technology of the Genio product suite. It was developed under the Horizon 2020 European project to redefine the co-design of heterogeneous microelectronic systems.

Monozukuri founder and CEO Anna Fontanelli said: “Genio is not a promise or partial solution.  It a breakthrough, ground-up tool that is ready for implementation today.

“Genio’s holistic design environment includes complete floor planning, I/O planning and end-to-end interconnect planning combined with cross-hierarchical pathfinding optimisation.”

Genio features full “cross-hierarchical, 3D-aware, design methodologies” and duet graphic user interface.

These ensure complete system level optimisation with the integration of IC and advanced packaging design. It also shortens the design cycles, accelerates time-to-manufacturing and enhances results.

The company has also started taking orders for Genio.

Headquartered in Rome, Monozukuri is a privately held company founded in 2014 and supported by Italian private and institutional investors.

The European Commission granted funding to the company two times within the Hrizon2020-SME Instrument, Phase I and II.