RFID and barcode solutions company MSM Solutions has partnered with Advanced Poly-Packaging to provide complete bagging solutions.

As part of the deal, MSM is marketing the T-1000-S14 Vertical Next Bag Out Bagger and the T-1000-S14H Horizontal Bagger.

The T-1000-S14H Horizontal Bagger is designed for ecommerce solutions.

T-1000 Advanced Poly-Bagger features infeed conveyors, scales and vibratory bowl counters. It has the ability to cycle more than 100 bags per minute. It also offers barcode technology combined with superior packaging options.

Both machines are suitable for long and short runs.

MSM claims that the T-1000 can also be used to run with other equipment used for inline bagging such as stamp or punch presses, blister machines, injection mould machines and other continuous feed manufacturing equipment.

“It’s possible for companies to find innovative solutions that weren’t available in the past.”

MSM Solutions sales manager Eric Timmons said: “Thanks to the recently formed partnership between MSM Solutions and Advanced Poly, manufacturers now have the superior packaging options, combined with RFID and barcode technology for food packaging, medical parts, hardware, automotive and retail purposes.”

In addition, MSM is also offering customer support for the bagging equipment through its Customer First Service Programme.

Advanced Poly-Packaging sales director Paul Orosz said: “It’s possible for companies to find innovative solutions that weren’t available in the past. Saving time and money helps companies grow and reach higher levels of success than ever before.

“Our partnership is important to implement the machinery and service equipment which will lead to higher rates of customer satisfaction and quality packaging options for any business or industry that purchases bagging machines and equipment from MSM Solutions.”

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