Processing and packaging solutions company The Multivac Group has marked a significant milestone with the ground-breaking ceremony for its new Wolfertschwenden #2 production factory.

Valued at approximately €60m, this investment reinforces the company’s commitment to the Allgäu region in Southern Germany.

Proximity to headquarters signals strategic move

The 35,000m² facility, strategically located just 1,000m from the group’s headquarters, will focus on manufacturing components and handling spare parts logistics.

Christian Traumann, group president and CEO, emphasised the importance of this decision, stating: “Our company has always been firmly rooted in the region. The new building in direct proximity to our headquarters is a crucial decision for Multivac, and also a clear affirmation once again by our company owners of the Allgäu site.”

Enhanced output and logistics efficiency

Multivac said that with state-of-the-art production technology and automation, the new factory aims to significantly increase output capacity. 

Christian Lau, group president and COO, highlighted plans to relocate component manufacturing, optimising space at the main factory for growing segments such as the slicer business and complete lines.

“Thanks to the space gained, we will have more room at the company headquarters for our slicer business and complete lines, where we are currently seeing continuous growth.

“At the same time, we will also use the new factory[…] to further optimise the supply of spare parts. There we will store thousands of spare parts for machines produced by the entire group. And we will also be able to dispatch spare parts, which are ordered via the webshop, from there on the same day.”

Versatile facility to drive growth

The expansive building complex, scheduled for completion by the end of 2025, boasts 27,500m² of space and includes dedicated areas for manufacturing, logistics, and offices.

Additionally, the facility incorporates sustainable features such as a groundwater cooling system, a photovoltaic system, and biodistrict heating to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The new production factory is expected to employ approximately 250 people, primarily existing personnel from the Manufacturing department, with potential for growth up to 340 staff members.