Technology solution provider KBR has enhanced its commitment to sustainability by entering an alliance agreement with UK-based developer Mura Technology.

Under the agreement, KBR will become the exclusive licensing partner for Mura Technology’s advanced plastics recycling process Cat-HTR.

It will be responsible for providing studies, basic engineering, technical services, proprietary equipment and modules for the Cat-HTR technology to customers across the world.

KBR Technology president Doug Kelly said: “We are extremely excited to announce that KBR will offer Cat-HTR for license to clients so they can efficiently recycle end-of-life waste plastic and convert it into a reusable feedstock for plastics or other valuable chemicals production.

“This technology aligns with KBR’s commitment to sustainability by reducing lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions and the volume of waste that enters landfills and the environment, while contributing to the growth of the plastic circular economy.”

Cat-HTR technology is the result of more than ten years of research and development.

Developed based on a patented hydrothermal upgrading process, it can recycle end-of-life plastic including thin plastic packaging and transforms mixed plastics into an intermediate hydrocarbon feedstock used to produce virgin polymers and chemicals.

Cat-HTR’s performance has already been proven during a large-scale pilot plant in Australia.

Mura Technology CEO Dr Steve Mahon said: “Cat-HTR offers an innovative advanced recycling solution to one of the largest global pollution issues we face today, and we look forward to the commercial roll-out of our game-changing technology with KBR.”