Nampak Closures Epping has launched production at its new R14m ($1.75m) wine closure production line in Cape Town, South Africa (SA).

The line, a combination of machinery from PackSys Global and Alfons Haar, is currently being used to produce 30mm x 60mm wine screw caps and could double the company’s capacity with a maximum of 700 closures a minute at full capacity.

Nampak said the high-speed wine screw cap line presses flat sheet aluminium into shells before rolling and wadding them.

Nampak Closures Epping sales and marketing director Barry Erasmus said the SA wine market is hugely competitive and that the changeover from cork to screw caps is still in its growth phase.

“Speed to market in this competitive landscape is key and very important to our customers, and that’s a major benefit offered by our new line,” Erasmus added.