NiceLabel has launched a public Cloud-based label management system, Label Cloud, which has been designed to digitally transform labelling processes.

Powered by the NiceLabel Label Management System, Label Cloud is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, designed to allow businesses to centrally manage label design, product data and quality control.

Companies, suppliers and partners can print their own labels locally by accessing the information from the Cloud.

According to the company, the solution can digitise quality assurance, eliminate manual quality control processes, as well as reduce labour requirements and costs.

NiceLabel marketing vice-president Ken Moir said: “The labelling software market hasn’t changed much in the last decade, but, with the launch of Label Cloud, we’re transforming the industry, moving it forward significantly.

“We’re providing a way to simplify the process, an easy way to scale up and bring maximum benefit to businesses of all sizes.”

“The process is smoother and quicker, which leads to improved agility and faster time to market.”

“Label Cloud empowers all users to design and deploy labels. Ultimately, this means the process is smoother and quicker, which leads to improved agility and faster time to market.

“Label Cloud’s document management system streamlines, automates and improves the quality assurance process, removing human error and risk, and improving its overall accuracy.”

The solution is suitable for use in labelling, allergens / nutrition labelling, and apparel and garment re-ticketing. It can also be used for re-tagging, localised re-labelling, and supplier labelling.

NiceLabel has made significant updates to its current on-premise solutions portfolio such as print productivity improvements and new features to further streamline the quality assurance process.