US-based Nordic Cold Chain Solutions has introduced drain-friendly gel pack refrigerant, Nordic Ice Drain Safe, for cold chain packaging.

The company noted that the packaging solution is the first of its kind globally, and is specifically designed for customers looking for temperature-controlled packaging solutions to ship products.

Nordic Ice Drain Safe gel packs can be reused and disposed of, serving as a replacement solution to non-reusable gel packs that usually end up in landfills.

Nordic Cold Chain Solutions sales and marketing vice-president Keith Baechle said: “Recipients don’t mind having a few gel packs to refreeze and use, because they are practical.

“Many thermally protected products involve routine deliveries and can contain several pounds of gel packs. Until now, customers have struggled with what to do with all the extras they continue to receive.”

The new gel packs feature a newly developed refrigerant, which breaks down in the waste stream.

Customers need to clip open the gel packs and empty the refrigerant into a sink to flush with water down the drain. This empty pouch can be recycled as No 4 plastic.

The Ice Drain Safe gel pack offers thermal protection during transport for home meal kits, pharmaceutical shipments, veterinary medicines, speciality foods, and other consumer products.

“Drain Safe is the only refrigerant that allows recipients the choice of environmental responsibility.”

Baechle added: “We have developed a safe, non-toxic, high-performance refrigerant that demonstrates the same thermal efficiency as its industry-leading predecessor.

“Drain Safe is the only refrigerant that allows recipients the choice of environmental responsibility. The importance of that is hard to ignore.”

Nordic Cold Chain Solutions, formerly known as Nordic Ice dba Temperature, offers temperature-controlled cold chain packaging and logistics solutions.

Earlier this month, the company was rebranded to reflect its product and service offerings for the cold chain market.