Novolex has announced accolades bestowed upon two of its brands – Eco-Products and Vegware. Both brands stood out with their achievements in compostable packaging solutions.

The brands tied for first place, and both earned the Foodservice Packaging Award for Innovation in Manufacturing.

Eco-Products’ printing breakthrough

Eco-Products secured the award for turning digital print into a reality on moulded fibre packaging.

This achievement allows for a superior method of branding and messaging on moulded fibre items, overcoming previous printing limitations.

Nicole Tariku, director of Product Development for Eco-Products, expressed enthusiasm for the breakthrough in printing technology.

“Printing limitations have made it difficult to effectively brand and message moulded fibre items. This breakthrough will help operators deliver an elevated brand experience and make it easier for consumers to identify the products as compostable.”

Vegware’s sustainable cutlery solution

Meanwhile, Vegware was honoured for introducing a compostable paper cutlery solution, specifically catering to markets requiring fibre solutions across diverse packaging categories.

Combining strength and durability, Vegware’s ridged design and reinforced tines offer a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic utensils.

The paper cutlery is not only compostable in commercial facilities but also garnered recognition at the Free From Food Expo in Barcelona, Spain, and was a runner-up at the Sustainable Food Awards in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Helen Mathieson, managing director of Vegware, highlighted the distinct qualities of the company’s award-winning paper cutlery.

“Our cutlery combines strength and durability to handle the crunchiest of meals, while delivering a silky-smooth eating experience. Moreover, it’s compostable in commercial facilities, embodying our commitment to developing sustainable solutions.”

Industry recognition and future implications

The 2023 Foodservice Packaging Awards, presented at the Foodservice Packaging Institute (FPI) late-year conference in Pittsburgh, US, underscores the industry’s commitment to sustainable practices.

Natha Dempsey, FPI president, emphasised the impact of design on consumer purchasing decisions and praised both Eco-Products and Vegware for their contributions.

“These award-winning packages illustrate the power of design in influencing customer purchasing decisions while also increasing product performance in foodservice packaging.”