US-based speciality coffee company NuZee is set to introduce a fully recyclable packaging option for its single-serve, pour over coffee.

Co-packing customers can use the new packaging option in the second half of this year.

The coffee company signed an exclusive agreement with Huhtamaki to produce the pouch using the next-generation blueloop line of recyclable flexible packaging. The pouch will hold each single-serve pour over Drip Cup.

The single-serve pour over coffee packaging solution features a customised box and disposable filter with pre-measured premium coffee sealed within a nitrogen-flushed pouch.

According to the company, the customised box, coffee and filter are all recyclable and the use of blueloop packaging film makes the pouch a zero-landfill packaging solution.

The blueloop solutions are mono-material structures produced from polypropylene, polyethylene and paper.

NuZee president and COO Travis Gorney said: “We are very excited to be working with Huhtamaki to bring this innovative and environmentally-friendly packaging solution to market.

“We believe that the zero-landfill packaging option is an important competitive advantage as we pivot our business model towards co-packing and private-labelling single-serve pour over coffee for regional and global brands.”

NuZee currently handles manufacturing and co-packing of single-serve pour over coffee at its Vista facility in California, US.

The company recently announced plans to open a manufacturing hub in Plano, Texas, which will become operational later this year.