Nestlé Waters North America (NWNA) has expanded its sustainable packaging to three more US domestic still water brands.

The Ozarka Brand, Deer Park Brand and Zephyrhills Brand, which initially had 100% recyclable packaging, will now be both completely recyclable and made from recycled plastic.

With the expansion of recycled plastic (rPET) to these brands, nearly 60% of all households in the US will have access to one of the company’s regionally distributed spring water brands in bottles made entirely with recycled plastic.

NWNA vice-president and chief sustainability officer David Tulauskas said: “We have made significant strides on our journey to use more sustainable packaging.

“Bottles made with other bottles, like these, provide tangible proof that recycling works and the circular economy for plastics is achievable. By using recycled plastic, we are breathing new life into existing materials, reducing the need for new plastic and our carbon footprint, and supporting the 757,000 jobs in recycling and reuse activities in the US.”

With the latest move, the company has now doubled the amount of rPET used since last year across its US domestic portfolio to 16.5%.

The labels of the three brands’ 20oz, 700ml, 1l and 1.5l bottles, will now have a message stating they are both 100% recyclable and made from 100% recycled plastic.

They will also feature a QR code using which people can scan and track the journey of the water they are drinking, as well as the bottle. This will provide greater transparency about the source of the water.

In December 2018, NWNA announced plans to use 25% of recycled content for its plastic packaging by 2021 as part of its sustainable plastics vision. It also plans to achieve 50% rPET by 2025.