The Ohio Art Company has successfully acquired Allstate Can Corporation, a leading speciality tin can manufacturer.

The deal, facilitated by investment banking advisor Parcrest Advisors, involves the sale of 100% of Allstate’s assets to Ohio Art.

Headquartered in New Jersey, US, and boasting an additional manufacturing and distribution centre in the state of Nevada, Allstate Can Corporation has been a key player in the speciality tin can market for more than a century.

The family-owned enterprise, guided by the Papera family for three generations, has carved a niche for itself with a dedicated, customer-centric sales team.

The company serves more than 20 distinct end markets, excelling in sectors such as Chemicals & Petroleum, Cookies & Candy, and Children’s Entertainment Products.

Despite facing economic recessions throughout its history, Allstate Can Corporation has maintained consistent sales growth and profitability improvements.

The company’s ability to deliver high-quality packaging solutions has garnered a loyal customer base, and it continues to expand its business relationships.

A legacy in metal lithography

The Ohio Art Company, based in Bryan, Ohio, US, has been a prominent metal lithographer since 1915, renowned for its precision printing and beautiful colour reproduction.

While perhaps best known for the iconic Etch A Sketch toy, the company has refocused on its lithography business since, selling its Etch A Sketch brand in 2016.

The acquisition of Allstate Can Corporation allows Ohio Art to enhance its lithography capabilities, offering a comprehensive range of in-house services.

This includes steel sourcing, prepress plate making, conventional and UV coating and printing, metal stamping, full-service can-making, and warehousing.

The consolidation of these capabilities positions Ohio Art and Allstate to better serve their customers and capitalise on opportunities in the speciality tinplate can market.

Strategic vision and future prospects

Richard ‘Rick’ Papera and Ronald ‘Ron’ Papera, third-generation owners of Allstate Can Corporation, express their satisfaction with the deal, emphasising Parcrest Advisors’ exceptional mastery of the mergers and acquisitions process.

The Papera family’s legacy, combined with Ohio Art’s strategic focus, aligns with the shared commitment to delivering high-quality products and services.

Elena West, CEO of the Ohio Art Company, highlights the acquisition as a key step in the company’s strategic business focus.

The move enables both companies to meet growing customer demands, develop production strategies, and offer a comprehensive range of metal packaging solutions.

The collaboration is seen as a perfect match, bringing together two entities with a longstanding commitment to professionalism and quality in their respective fields.