In a bid to enhance its sustainability efforts, Shirako Corporation has selected Oji Group’s paper product for its ‘Sumapura’ brand of seasoned seaweed.

Shirako is a leading company of processed seaweed, since 1896, supplying the product to the delicatessen section of supermarkets and convenience stores.

Departing from traditional plastic packaging, Shirako’s move aligns with the global push to reduce plastic consumption.

By transitioning to paper-based packaging, the company has achieved a 92% reduction in plastic usage while doubling the shelf life of its product to 18 months compared to the previous plastic-bottled version.

Shirako Corporation’s environmental commitment

Shirako Corporation emphasised the pressing need to address marine pollution stemming from plastic waste, stating:

“Marine pollution caused by plastic waste is a serious problem. As a company that benefits from marine resources and tries to contribute to the SDG’s [Sustainable Development Goals], we will supply environmentally friendly products.”

Oji Group’s climate change initiatives

In its recently released ‘Integrated Report 2023,’ Oji Group detailed its comprehensive approach to environmental challenges, notably focusing on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction.

With a target of slashing net emissions by at least 70% compared to financial year 2018 (FY18) levels by FY30, the company is actively working towards achieving this goal.

In FY22, Oji Group managed to reduce its net GHG emissions by 16.5% compared to the baseline set in FY18.

Moreover, Oji Holdings has joined GX League, a collaborative platform aimed at facilitating discussions and actions towards carbon neutrality.

By partnering with the Government of Japan, universities, and financial institutions, Oji Holdings underscores its commitment to driving systemic change in the socioeconomic landscape to combat climate change effectively.