Orbis Corporation, a global leader in re-usable packaging, has unveiled a significant expansion of its Urbana, Ohio manufacturing facility, strategically boosting production capabilities and re-inforcing its commitment to sustainable packaging solutions.

30% expansion, accelerated production and reduced lead times

The expansion introduces a 30% increase in manufacturing space, empowering Orbis to amplify the production of its totes and pallets. 

This growth facilitates the incorporation of additional presses and tools, ramping up capacity and streamlining lead times. 

The geographic advantage of Urbana for freight optimisation further solidifies Orbis’s position in efficiently serving its nationwide clientele. 

Sustainability milestone in re-usable packaging

Norm Kukuk, president at Orbis, emphasised the pivotal role of re-usable packaging in forging a sustainable supply chain in a company statement: “Our customers rely on us to help them move their goods sustainably with re-usable packaging.”

“This expansion provides the flexibility and capacity needed to enhance the production of our packaging products, re-inforcing our commitment to sustainability,” Kukuk added.

Orbis champions the shift from single-use to re-usable packaging, promoting longevity and multi-trip efficiency across diverse industries, including automotive, food, beverage and consumer packaged goods.

Investment in infrastructure and emerging technologies

Todd Mathes, executive vice-president of operations at Orbis, highlighted the expansion’s dual purpose, stating: “This expansion, located at 200 Elm Street, is not only an investment in our current infrastructure but also an opportunity to harness emerging manufacturing technologies.”

Part of Menasha Corporation, Orbis operates 11 manufacturing plants across the United States, Canada and Mexico.

The Urbana expansion not only increases moulding capacity by 10% but also enhances overall energy efficiency.

Community collaboration and sustainable growth

Orbis collaborated with local Ohio contractors for the development of the expansion, emphasising a commitment to community growth.

The partnership extends beyond manufacturing, with Orbis leasing 672,000 square feet of warehouse space from Damewood Enterprises and its related business, Phoenix AG, in a newly established off-site warehouse in Urbana.