Origin Materials, a US-based carbon-negative materials company, has announced a strategic partnership with Bachmann for the mass production of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) caps and closures.  

This collaboration aims to bring the first commercially viable PET closures to the mass market, with production set to begin in the fourth quarter (Q4) of 2024. 

The partnership will use the high-speed equipment and automation of Bachmann’s manufacturing facilities in Europe to convert both virgin and recycled PET (rPET) into various caps, including tethered caps.  

Origin co-CEO and co-founder John Bissell said: “Today we are announcing our partnership with Bachmann Group, who will assist in the end-to-end operation and automation of our PET cap mass production lines. 

“Bachmann Group will help us produce billions of caps, taking pellet or flake all the way to finished closures. We share a commitment to sustainability and look forward to a productive partnership.” 

Origin’s caps are considered to be one of the first commercially viable PET closures in the mass market. 

Origin’s PET caps and closures enhance recyclability, including through cap tethering, enabling light-weighting, and extending product shelf-life. 

The company’s PCO 1881-compatible caps, which can be made with virgin or rPET, will be available from Q4 2024. 

This will be followed by PCO 1881-compatible tethered caps and other caps. 

Bissell added: “Bachmann Group, based in Switzerland, is a more than 50-year-old group of companies with deep expertise in logistics, quality assurance, and packaging production, including high-volume, sophisticated products like coffee capsules requiring high-precision manufacturing.  

“They provide innovative technology services to some of the world’s leading food, beverage, and healthcare companies. We are thrilled with this partnership and look forward to bringing our sustainable PET caps and closures to the market starting later this year.” 

Earlier this month, Origin Materials launched a new sustainable product offering, a carbonated soft drink PET cap.