Origin Materials, a carbon-negative materials company, has joined forces with packaging machine producer PackSys Global to develop a polyethylene terephthalate (PET) cap and closure manufacturing system.  

As part of this strategic collaboration, Origin’s high-throughput production system will produce PET caps and closures at a commercial scale.  

This system enhances recyclability, contributes to lighter packaging, and improves product shelf life while adhering to circular economy principles. 

It will also facilitate the creation of monomaterial containers. 

The partnership with PackSys is in line with Origin’s goal to help transition to sustainable materials. 

Origin co-CEO and co-founder John Bissell said: “Our high-throughput production system is the first of its kind, designed to do something nothing else can: make PET caps and closures at commercial scale. 

“Our system will allow us to bring the recycling, sustainability, and performance benefits of our PET cap and closure solution to the world. We expect it will be the first of many such production lines for making not just beverage packaging better and fully recyclable, but containers of nearly every kind. 

“We are happy to be building our production line with high-quality subsystems from PackSys Global, a respected leader in packaging machines for the cosmetics, beverage, pharmaceutical, and packaging industries.” 

In August last year, Origin developed ‘all PET’ bottle caps to improve post-consumer recycling.