Beverage company Reed’s has entered into multi-year contracts with packaging products manufacturer Owen-Illinois and transportation and brokerage services supplier R.C. Moore.

Under the deal, Owen-Illinois will serve as Reed’s exclusive glass supplier for North America, while R.C. Moore will be its primary logistics partner for the region.

With global headquarters in Perrysburg, Ohio, US, Owen-Illinois provides safe, sustainable, pure, iconic, brand-building glass packaging to a growing global marketplace.

“Owens-Illinois is pleased to partner with Reed’s as their exclusive glass container supplier.”

Reed’s chief operating officer Stefan Freeman said that the deal with glass container manufacturer Owens-Illinois will help simplify the company’s supply chain and ensure cost savings for its raw materials.

Owens-Illinois will also provide improved package quality and help reduce Reed’s working capital commitment to glass inventory.

Owens-Illinois Americas business development director Maury Herod said: “Owens-Illinois is pleased to partner with Reed’s as their exclusive glass container supplier.

“We are excited to help them expand the reach of their all-natural craft beverages to more and more consumers in our sustainable, high-quality, brand-building glass bottles.

“We also look forward to working closely with and supporting the Reed’s team in their efforts to improve the Reed’s and Virgil’s brands’ value and package differentiation in the marketplace through our expertise in embossing and proprietary package design.”

According to Freeman, the partnership with R.C. Moore will enable Reed’s to use the logistics partner’s supply chain management expertise, significant transportation assets and experience in the beverage industry.

This will help the beverage company to attain significant operational efficiencies and logistics cost savings.