US-based customised packaging company PAC Worldwide has opened a Tech Centre in Middletown, Ohio.

The 9,600ft² facility is intended to bring people and processes together under one roof and support the company’s efforts to advance the production of eco-friendly packaging.

PAC Worldwide president Steve Foster said: “The Tech Centre has long been a strategic priority for executive management.

“When the opportunity presented itself to acquire the space necessary to integrate people and process, we knew it was time to strike. It’s a significant milestone in PAC’s growth story.”

The Tech Centre will house the company’s engineering and research and development teams.

The teams will collaborate in developing concepts and testing and producing packaging prototypes.

In addition, the facility has been built next to one of the company’s large manufacturing plants in an effort to boost operating efficiencies.

PAC engineering senior vice-president Misha Riveros said: “We’re continuously examining our design and development process to find ways to become more agile.

“Those breakthroughs often revolve around technological advances, but innovation at its core is about people and creating an environment that facilitates more effective collaboration. The Tech Centre will be that place at PAC.”

Based in Seattle, PAC Worldwide develops and manufactures customised packaging and contract packaging solutions.

The company employs almost 2,000 team members across its operations in the US, Mexico and Malaysia.

In March, PAC Worldwide announced a $47m investment to open an advanced manufacturing facility in Union City, Georgia, US.

The facility is the company’s first in the state of Georgia and is due to open this year.

It is expected to create a total of 400 jobs in manufacturing, logistics and customer experience.

PAC Worldwide’s expansion into Georgia was partly motivated by the growth of e-commerce caused by the coronavirus pandemic.