Sttark, an established player in the custom printed packaging industry with 18 years of experience, has announced the revival of its scholarship programmes for the year 2024.

 This initiative is open to US high school seniors, undergraduates and graduate students. It offers them opportunities to showcase their creativity and originality through two distinct scholarships. Here are the details:

Sttark presents two scholarships worth $4,000 each for eligible US students in 2024. The application window opens on 1 October 2023 and interested students can apply at

This scholarship, valued at $4,000, is tailored for students who possess unconventional thinking and challenge established norms. Sttark encourages applicants to break free from academic or talent labels they may have received in the past and let their innate creativity flourish.

Essay Prompt: Participants are required to delve into the statement “You can’t label people, but you can label products” and construct a 1000-word essay that explores their personal connection to this idea and its significance.

In addition to the essay, entrants must design a product label that encapsulates the essence of their written work.

“Unboxing Your Life” video scholarship by Sttark

Sttark offers another $4,000 scholarship, this time in the form of a video scholarship.

Termed the “Unboxing Your Life”, the scholarship urges students to unveil the contents of their lives and celebrate the unique stories and experiences that have moulded them.

Sttark recognises that while external packaging might be enticing, it’s the inner content that truly captivates.

Video Prompt: Applicants are tasked with creating a 5-minute unboxing video that showcases the experiences and moments that have shaped their individual personas.

 Creativity and genuine reflection are emphasised and whether using a smartphone or basic editing tools, the focus is on revealing one’s authentic self.