Key players in the packaging industry converged at the recent Ecumene roundtable in Geneva, Switzerland, to delve into discussions surrounding circular economy initiatives, with a particular focus on addressing plastic pollution and climate impact.

The gathering served as a platform for industry leaders to explore innovative solutions to combat plastic pollution.

Representatives from SIBUR, Russia’s foremost producer of polymers and rubbers, highlighted its commitment to sustainability through initiatives such as polymer waste recycling.

SIBUR’s Vivilen brand offers a range of polymers containing recycled plastic for various packaging applications, including food (recycled polyethylene terephthalate), non-food (recycled polyolefins), and home decor (recycled polystyrene).

Through these initiatives, SIBUR contributes significantly to diverting plastic waste from landfills, with approximately 1.7 billion plastic bottles being repurposed annually.

Collaborative efforts and technological advancements

Collaboration was a recurring theme, with industry stakeholders emphasising the importance of collective action in addressing packaging-related environmental challenges.

SIBUR’s collaboration with partners across operational regions to implement plastic collection and recycling projects was particularly noted.

Moreover, discussions centred on technological advancements in recycling processes.

SIBUR’s exploration of chemical recycling, specifically thermolysis, garnered interest for its potential in transforming complex packaging waste into hydrocarbon raw materials, thereby aiding in the production of primary polymers.

Leadership in sustainability

The packaging industry reaffirmed its commitment to sustainability, with SIBUR leading the charge in climate action.

Recognised for its extensive portfolio of climate projects by the Russian Carbon Unit Registry, SIBUR aims to significantly reduce carbon dioxide (CO₂) emissions by more than six million tons by 2032.

In addition to mitigating its climate impact, polymer waste recycling initiatives championed by SIBUR contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and lessening reliance on primary raw materials.

Through such endeavours, the packaging industry continues to pave the way towards a more sustainable future.