It has been nearly a year since the first screening of “Tout déballer,” a French-language documentary that delved into the intricate world of packaging and its multifaceted functions.

This eye-opening project, a collaborative effort between Éco Entreprises Québec (ÉEQ) and the École de Design of the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM), has garnered widespread appreciation since its inception.

An English version is now set to reach a global audience in response to growing demand.

Expanding reach beyond borders

Since its online premiere and subsequent broadcasts on Savoir média and its platforms, “Tout déballer” has captivated more than 155,000 viewers and garnered more than 300,000 views.

Industry stakeholders from various sectors, including companies involved in packaged products and printed materials, design and marketing professionals and academia, have expressed keen interest in this documentary.

In light of this demand, ÉEQ and UQAM are proud to announce the release of the English version, aiming to promote awareness, inspire positive change and democratise eco-design packaging processes for all, regardless of their linguistic community.

According to Éco Entreprises Québec president and CEO Maryse Vermette: “We believe that the creation of an English version will allow wider distribution of the documentary and thus continue to raise awareness, encourage positive change and democratise the ecodesign packaging process, for all stakeholders regardless of their linguistic community.”

Design as a catalyst for change

“Tout déballer” was conceived with the mission of raising public consciousness about the pivotal role of design in addressing the environmental impact of packaging.

This documentary positions design as a powerful agent of transformation, aligning with the vision of Sylvain Allard, Professor of Design and Director of the Graphic Design Programme at UQAM École de Design.

Allard stated: “We want to raise awareness not only among the stakeholders involved in the creation of packaging but also among future designers who will shape the packaging of tomorrow.”

Demand surges for private screenings

Over the past year, ÉEQ has received an overwhelming 65 requests for private screenings, spanning various educational and sociocultural institutions.

Requests have poured in from municipal libraries, museums, environmental committees and nonprofit organisations working for community and environmental causes.

While most interest has come from the college and university levels, it has also piqued the curiosity of students at elementary, secondary and specialised schools.

Reaching across borders

In a bid to engage a broader audience, ÉEQ actively participated in events organised by its English-speaking industry partners across Canada and the US in the past year.

Furthermore, they showcased the documentary’s trailer at two prominent industry gatherings, including the 2023 PSI’s US Product Stewardship Forum in Portland, Oregon and the RCC Retail Sustainability Conference in Mississauga, Ontario.