US-based PakSense has unveiled the XpressPDF temperature monitoring labels that monitor the time and temperature of packaged perishable items.

The the XpressPDF label features an integrated USB connection point, which eliminates the need for reading devices and proprietary download software.

The labels contain a small, flat, waterproof form factor enabling cold chain monitoring in virtually any packaging configuration, including at the pallet, carton and individual item level.

In addition, they feature a temperature sensor calibrated to NIST standards during manufacturing and will take a surface read of the object to which they are attached, providing an estimation of actual product temperature versus the general ambient readings provided by bulkier recorders.

According to the company, it is optimal for use in situations that require fully independent operations, including exports from distribution centres to retail locations, for items such as food, vaccines, pharmaceuticals, biologics and other perishable products during distribution and storage.

PakSense said due to the small size, packaging modifications are not required to use the XpressPDF label.

The labels can be uploaded to any third party logistics database through the PakSense Device Interface SDK and are recyclable through the PakSense GreenSense programme.