Greece-based food packaging manufacturer Pal Packaging has partnered with styrenics supplier INEOS Styrolution to develop styrenics-based sustainable packaging for the food industry.

As part of the partnership, Pal Packaging will integrate INEOS Styrolution’s Styrolution PS ECO into its new food packaging.

The Styrolution PS ECO solution is made from fully recycled polystyrene (PS) and will initially be used for poultry and mushroom packaging.

Pal Packaging has agreed to implement the new recycled material on its products following successful trials.

The packaging material is designed to be easy to process and complies with food contact regulations.

Palamidis quality and research and development (R&D) manager Konstantinos Roumpos said: “INEOS Styrolution made it a seamless transition for us to offer our customers a sustainable packaging solution.

“We are eager to go ahead with sustainable packaging solutions, starting with poultry and mushroom packaging.”

INEOS Styrolution said the partnership represents a ‘milestone’ towards a circular economy for PS.

It comes after Pal Packaging launched a polyethylene terephthalate (PET) production line for use in post-industrial and post-consumer recycled materials in 2019.

A division of Greece-based company Palamidis, Pal Packaging claims to be an ‘innovative’ and ‘reliable’ supplier of packers, processors and supermarkets across Europe.

INEOS Styrolution standard business project specialist Louie Mackee said: “At INEOS Styrolution, we are excited working with Pal Packaging.

“The company is committed to providing high-quality products and dedicated to new sustainable solutions. In fact, our two companies share the same vision in terms of sustainability and innovation.”

In July last year, sustainable food packaging provider Sirap Group partnered with INEOS Styrolution to implement Styrolution PS ECO into its new food packaging solutions.

Earlier this year, INEOS Styrolution introduced K-Resin DK11, a material designed for controlled atmosphere packaging film applications.

K-Resin DK11 is intended to preserve fruit and vegetables by offering clarity, thermal stability and high gas permeability.