PepsiCo has launched a reusable packaging pilot in Paris with shopping platform Loop, which is operated by global recycling organisation Terracycle.

PepsiCo’s Tropicana Orange Juice and Quaker Cruesli Chocolat Noir brands are participating in the trial.

Tropicana Orange Juice is packaged in a sleek glass bottle, while the Quaker-branded products will be delivered in stainless steel containers, featuring a brushed effect and a friction fit push-on closure.

Customers across the Paris metro area can now place orders for Tropicana Orange Juice and Quaker Cruesli along with other household products on the Loop online store.

The company will then deliver the products directly to customers and will collect the reusable containers after use to clean and redeliver them.

The beverage major has developed the containers for Loop, which are designed for durability in order to make them suitable for multiple re-orders.

PepsiCo France general manager Bruno Thevenin said: “The Loop system really is about testing a possible model for reinventing packaging, which is a key area of focus for PepsiCo as we look to reduce, reuse and rethink our plastic packaging.

“Loop is exciting because it overcomes some of the challenges of reusable containers, making them more convenient and conducive to modern living.

“The Loop system really is about testing a possible model for reinventing packaging.”

“During the trial, we hope to gain valuable insights into how consumers adopt Loop and to understand what is needed to make this a long-term and mainstream solution that could help reduce packaging waste and make a meaningful change in how people interact with our products.”

In October, the soft drinks major announced plans to use 25% of recycled content for its plastic packaging, and 33% recycled PET content with a focus on polyethylene terephthalate (PET) beverage bottles by 2025.