In a strategic move to address the growing demand for environmentally friendly packaging in the pharmaceutical sector, two major packaging manufacturers, Perlen Packaging AG and Etimex Primary Packaging GmbH, have announced a collaboration.

This partnership aims to introduce the use of polypropylene (PP) Monoblister packaging within the pharmaceutical industry.

Perlen Packaging and Etimex are responding to the increasing need for sustainable and recyclable packaging solutions in the pharmaceutical industry. Both companies are well-established in the market, known for their specialised blister solutions and are actively contributing to environmental protection and CO₂ emissions reduction.

The pharmaceutical industry is increasingly placing emphasis on sustainability, making eco-friendly packaging a key element in its future.

Expanding sustainable options

Perlen Packaging, a part of the CPH Group, is renowned for its sustainability initiatives, is a prominent player in the pharmaceutical industry, particularly as one of the largest producers of PVdC-coated barrier films.

By joining forces with Etimex, they aim to expand their product range to include Etimex’s fully recyclable PP Monoblister solution. Perlen Packaging chief sales officer Lars Kirchhoff noted:

“We are responding to our customers’ requests and expanding our existing product range. The cooperation with Etimex enables us to offer a tried and tested, fully recyclable solution based on polypropylene from a single source.”

Etimex’s focus on sustainability

Etimex, with a strong focus on sustainability, considers recyclable packaging solutions in the food and pharmaceutical industries a necessity. The company’s partnership with Perlen Packaging offers a promising opportunity to establish polypropylene blister packaging as a viable alternative in the market.

Etimex Primary Packaging head of sales & marketing Martin Rank added: “Our sustainable PP mono blister, Purelay Pharm, is a perfect complement to Perlen Packaging’s packaging solutions. We are now pleased to make our long-standing expertise in recyclable polypropylene packaging available to new customers and markets. We are committed to working together with Perlen Packaging to achieve this.”

The collaboration between Perlen Packaging and Etimex is set to mark a significant stride towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly future for the pharmaceutical industry, responding to the industry’s growing need for recyclable packaging solutions.