PlastCert, a newly established department of RIGK, has expanded its services to certify plastic packaging and products based on the specifications of the RecyClass system.

The certification focuses on two crucial aspects: Recyclability and Recycled Content.

This move comes after RIGK’s subsidiary, plastship, had been offering a similar service since 2020, which has now been transferred to PlastCert.

The certifications provided by PlastCert assist companies, including plastics processors, packaging manufacturers, brand owners and retailers, in showcasing their sustainability efforts to customers.

PlastCert collaborates closely with Plastship to offer material testing tailored to recyclates, ensuring their suitability for high-quality products and packaging.

Recyclability certification

PlastCert’s Recyclability Certification is designed to assess the recyclability of plastic packaging. This certification verifies the sustainable use of plastics in line with the principles of Design for Recycling, instilling consumer confidence.

By undergoing this certification, companies can demonstrate their commitment to responsible packaging design and promote a circular economy.

PlastCert’s Recycled Content Certification confirms the percentage of recyclate used in plastic packaging and products. It employs a mass balance approach based on ISO 15343 to ensure the traceability of recycled materials throughout the value chain.

This certification facilitates the transparent utilisation of recycled materials and reduces taxation in countries that require proof of recycled content. For instance, it can help reduce the plastic tax imposed on non-recycled plastic in Spain.

Tailored material testing for high-grade recyclates

PlastCert, in collaboration with plastship and other partners like RAM – Realtime Application Measurement GmbH, 3S GmbH – Sensors, Signal Processing, System and Veridis Technologies BV, provides specialised material testing for recyclates.

This testing process is customised to meet the specific requirements of recycled materials.

In addition to standard tests conducted on virgin materials, PlastCert’s testing includes assessments of properties such as odour, impurities, appearance and polymer content.

By qualifying recyclates for high-grade applications, PlastCert contributes to the advancement and improved quality of recycled materials.

By expanding its services and collaborating with relevant partners, PlastCert aims to play a pivotal role in promoting sustainable practices and advancing the recycling of plastic packaging in the pursuit of a greener future.