European manufacturer and designer of plastic packaging solutions Plasticum Group has developed CLUBE, a one-piece squeezable tube for the cosmetics sector.

The tube contains an integrated closure and in-mould label (IML) that cuts material usage by 40%.

The new design enables all three elements to be produced in one single bi-injection moulding production step for a series of productivity, design and environment-related benefits.

Borealis, a provider of chemical and plastics solutions, has created the polypropylene (PP) Borsoft SL600MO grade, which has been designed to meet the needs of the production process and the tube.

The manufacturer said the new grade has been optimised for flowability, flexibility, contact transparency and environmental stress crack resistance.

The fully recyclable material has good flow and easy processing characteristics, it also enables the formation of a soft tube body capable of supporting an integrated closure.

Additional partners in the CLUBE development process include machinery and moulding companies such as Engel, Otto Hofstetter and Beck Automation.