US-based firm Portco Packaging has acquired an S1 DS slitter with an integrated laser module from Comexi in a bid to strengthen its presence in the US flexible packaging market.

As part of the deal, Comexi will install the S1 DS slitter at Portco’s facility in Woodland, Washington.

The machine is equipped with independent blades and shear cut sets and will allow Portco to work with large and small output diameter rolls. It also handles various challenges and avoids oil spillage.

Through the integrated laser-in-line processing system, the slitter is capable of offering customisation and differentiation. The machine is suitable for large-diameter rolls.

It can also perform a range of applications and finishing processes such as micro perforations, macro perforations, design windows, pre-cut adhesive labels, alpha numeric codes and bar codes, security systems and easy open applications.

Comexi area manager Tom Calahan said: “Our integrated solution is a key selling point with many converters in this region. Sourcing slitting and laser equipment from a single source supplier, which can support both technologies, minimises their potential risk.

"Our integrated solution is a key selling point with many converters in this region."

“Many small and mid-size companies will find this technology extremely attractive due to the lack of internal resources available to handle integration.”

The partnership will strengthen Comexi’s presence in North America, where it is currently making major investments.

The company has also relocated its headquarters from Charlotte, North Carolina, to Miami, Florida, to expand its operations and presence in the US.

Portco produces paper and film based packaging products such as printed rollstock, laminations, multiwall bags, and a range of pre-made pouch styles.