Italy-based packaging company Prealpi has started using Bobst’s ACCUCHECK Recipe Management technology to streamline its quality control (QC) processes.

ACCUCHECK is a part of Bobst’s open architecture cloud-based platform called CONNECT.

The implementation of this technology is helping Prealpi to improve QC and setup time on Bobst’s EXPERTFOLD 80 folder-gluer system, which is used for folding carton production.

Prealpi CEO Armando Zanini said: “Using the ACCUCHECK Recipe Management function has greatly improved the setup phase on the ACCUCHECK on our EXPERTFOLD 80 line.

“The option to prepare the recipe remotely, and in advance, has demonstrated great advantages in terms of both time savings and better product quality.”

Prealpi decided to use ACCUCHECK to completely automate their blank quality checks, as Bobst’s inline QC technology is capable of inspecting the blank checks based on specific client criteria.

This further ensures the delivery of zero-fault boxes to customers.

Use of this recipe manager will also help the operators in creating QC recipes used for remotely folding the carton packaging and then directly sending it to any ACCUCHECK deployed on the production floor. 

Prealpi production manager Alberto Azzarri said: “Changeover times have been shortened as the machine operator no longer needs to set the job recipe from scratch, but simply calls up a product code or item name from the ACCUCHECK menu.

“The system retrieves the reference PDF from the network, including the quality criteria which were defined with the various offices.

“Once the upload is complete, the operator just needs to let ACCUCHECK read the number of blanks required for the setup before starting the production.

“This is a real time saver, compared to uploading the PDF manually with a USB stick before entering the data into the system on the machine.”

Based in Varese, north-west of Milan, Prealpi provides folding carton and corrugated packaging solutions to various industries, including in the hair and beauty, food and beverage, textiles, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, as well as electronics sectors.

It has a facility with two production units and a separate warehouse.